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          CHANDINI BOBBA generally called as Chandini Chowdary is a University Innovation Fellow of Fall-2018 and an Undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science And Engineering at Kakinada Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Andhra Pradesh, India.She was born in Lolla(16 July 1998) to Srinivas Bobba-Padma Priya Bobba and brought up in Hyderabad. Her schooling went on in Matrusri E&L and Narayana Institutions. Right from her schooling, she is a multitasker, took up many leadership activities and collected a bunch of leadership badges. Her focuses include Public Administration and Information Technology. Being passionate about leadership as well securing certificates and shields for academic excellence, she is looking forward to incorporate technology to administration and make the best use of it. 


She won various events and got applauded at public speaking, group discussions, Olympiads, sports, and culturals. Her works shine back her confidence levels. Few of her achievements include UNIFIED CYBER OLYMPIAD(WINNER), CHAMPIONSHIP-SENIOR CHIRPING CHAMP IN SPELL BEE AND WON TABLET, CHAMPIONSHIP IN ABHIYAAN 21 DAY CHALLENGE AND WON LAPTOP. She strongly believes in and follows a line-“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~William Shakespeare

She developed deep-rooted passion about leadership and administration since her childhood observing her father who was an officer in public administration department. Since then she took up on every opportunity right from the school until college multitasking with innate leadership and entrepreneurship skills. She is a practical person and an idealistic one at the same time. She is very much passionate about music and presently a trainee in professional music. Along with the mentioned passions, her hobbies include handcrafts, listening to all genres of music, dance, photographs collection, cooking dishes from around the world, public talks presenting great and well-informed ideas. She is a great empathizer and works for her community’s well-being with help of her innate skill set. At present, she is working on ideas to bring valuable impact in her campus.

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