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Chadler Iriarte is a sophomore electrical engineering and mathematics student at the University of Portland who has a knack for learning, discovering, and experiencing new things. He is currently interested in signal processing and energy systems after taking his first semester of electrical engineering courses.

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As an active member of various multicultural and engineering clubs and an officer of the and STEM Outreach Activities and Resources (SOAR) and Math Club, Chadler engages with different groups within the university community and hopes to bring all these students together to achieve a common goal through his training as a potential university innovation fellow. Originating from the humble island of Guam, Chadler hopes to apply everything he has learned to assist in providing more opportunities for students to study and take up an occupation in engineering and entrepreneurship on island since it is not very common on Guam.  

Among other things, Chadler loves to lead, talk, travel, and watch Netflix! He considers himself very quirky and friendly so don’t be afraid to approach him with any questions or if you just want to have a conversation he’ll gladly entertain you.