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Cecilia is studying Economy and Business Administration at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay, so her native language is Spanish. She loves playing sports, especially volleyball, and she loves music. She plays it, sings it and dances it. She saw almost all the movies, and her English is not the best but she studies it really hard. She's working in the center of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators of her University, and she knows that she will have her own business one day. She's demanding, restless, sociable, sympathetic and optimistic, she always tries to find the positive side of everything, because she believes that all happened for one reason.

Her family is very particular, as well as her. She lives with her mother, she is her best friend, and her brother, her friend for games, jokes and fights. She visits her father every time she can, as her parents get divorced 2 years ago. It was hard for everyone, especially for her father. Together they have a project called Xentics, a project which her father has been working all his life, and if it works, it would change everything in Uruguay, but it's difficult to find financial support, especially for a senior. The other part of the family is composed by her grandmothers and her aunt, who is her second mother and the best person she knows. She loves her family because they made the person that Cecilia is today. 

She has another project with Romina Dominzain, another candidate of this program, called "Más allá del aula", that in English would be "Beyond the classroom". It's related to education. They are trying to create a community of students where, in the same web page, they can find all the student opportunities around the world, as events, contests, scholarships and more, where they can interact and ask questions, they can find a mentor to get to any of this opportunities, and so on. With this they are trying to help teachers to make their classes more interesting and to reduce the rate of desertion.

With this program, they can bring new tools to their country and they would improve their entrepreneurship. There are so many things to change in Uruguay, especially in education, so this program would be a good start!

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