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Callie Joncas

University Innovation Fellows, NCIIA

Callie Joncas is a University innovation Fellow current for spring 2015,  and i currently enrolled at Illinois Institute of Technology where she is hoping to pursue a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Callie was born in Stanford, California were she grew very fond of palm trees, ideal weather, and interesting neighbors. She moved to Chicago 12 years ago and has since developed an interest in running. She has been involved with cross-country running for many years, and has gained skills in teamwork and self-discipline while creating new friendships. Her friendships have taught her to identify her strengths and weaknesses. Being on the running team became an integral part of her life as she learned to follow other people and acknowledge everybody’s’ unique abilities and experiences. Callie also currently enjoys community work and regularly helps out at a food drive, and is an Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority member. She became interested in engineering from her creative pursuits and long-time interest in science and technology. What got her interested in science and technology was her curious habit of reading science magazines and fascination with outer space. Callie is also an anime fan and avid puzzle doer. Callie is also highly interested in world events and enjoys watching the news and reading through news articles. She is also often engaged with IPad and video games in her free time. She also finds enjoyment in making creative pictures for friends and family. Callie is very excited to pursue her interests and ambitions in a career related to space systems. She hopes to make a lasting positive impact as a university innovation fellow. Callie feels like the University Innovation Fellows program is giving her the chance to think outside of the box in terms of finding ways to make a lasting impact with finding appealing and engaging new ways to form an entreprenruial mindset community through the campus. Whether this is a new network, idea pool, communication platform, a hands-on scenario based class, or even a workshop giving students a preview of the future of design and innovation.  The ultimate goal of her project as a team is to find a way to develop a bridge from college to real-life for students with entreprenurial passions, and to make this transition easy with an extensive variety of experience opportunities open to students of all disciplines. 

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