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Brittany Gesell is a University Innovation Fellow and Global Business major at Fordham University. Brittany was raised mostly in Seattle, Washington and has always loved to be in the middle of excitement, which is why she moved to New York City to attend business school. Brittany became interested in innovation and entrepreneurship after participating in a design thinking workshop run by Fordham’s previous leadership circle where she realized that it isn’t only inventors and creatives that can be entrepreneurs.

All her life, Brittany’s most significant passion has been learning and pursuing challenges. In this pursuit, she spent her childhood and adolescence reading as much as she could and having as many new experiences as possible. These days, she continues to read whenever possible and loves to take advantage of all of New York’s museums. Brittany one day hopes to use this diverse array of accumulated knowledge to solve some of the systemic issues that our world is facing through work with nonprofits.


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