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My name is Brandon Wester and I am a dual major student in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland. I grew up in Miami, Florida as attribute most of my values from my times spent there. My family came from Cuba after the revolution and fulfilled their American dream of freedom and entrepreneurship. The values of hard work and passion rubbed off on me and I pride myself in the work I do everyday. I also think that I have a very diverse perspective, growing up in a hispanic environment and expereincing a melting pot of cultures throughout South Floirida. I value colaboration with people from different backgrounds and have found that diverse thinking promotes design thinking. 

I have a strong passion for the financial markets and started trading public stocks when I was 11 years old. Becasue of this, I knew I wanted to work with securities from an early age. I am currently in the start up phase of Moolah Financial. Moolah is a financial tech app that democratizes the world of managed funds and gets clients the lowest fees with the best performance. If you would like to know more about my business or want to be involved you can contact me at wester19@up.edu.