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Brady Mills
School (Cohort)
Grand Valley State University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Advertising and Public Relations
United States of America


Who Am I?

Enthusiastic. Driven. Passionate. Principled. Relational.

Last year, one of my professors asked my class to describe ourselves using five words. These are the words I chose.

All these point to one major theme: I care...passionately.

I Care.

I care deeply about whoever I am with and whatever I may be doing. At the university level, this has led to my involvement in organizations such as Campus Ministry, an outlet for my service and leadership needs, Ratio Christi, an organization that explores faith from an academic and philosophic perspective, as well as organizations more closely related to my studies. This year, I am a part of the Public Relations Student Society of America and I will continue to participate in Forensics Competitive Speech, a team of which I was the founding member.

The Must-knows

I am currently studying Advertising and Public Relations (with an emphasis in Public Relations) at Grand Valley State University near Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is my hope to use not only academia and scientific approaches to make change on my campus, but to use creativity and personality to draw others and inspire real, exciting changes. While there is an abundance of STEM majors in organizations such as UIF, I cannot wait to bring a communications and public persona side to innovation - a side that is necessary if we ever hope to implement new innovations.

My Roots

My life, both personally and professionally, has been shaped by my incredible family. Growing up in such a supportive environment has not only reinforced every step I take, but it has shown me how a household built on faith and selflessness can impact many lives for the better. I have been blessed with a mother and father who model true love and servitude to each other on a daily basis. Being raised by two of the greatest humans on the planet has given me a strong foundation and provided exemplary role models to admire and imitate. Additionally, I have an older sister and two older brothers whom I love more than anything who are all excellent advice-givers, role models, and friends. Between them and their wonderful spouses (my newer brother and sisters), I have all the encouragement and support that a guy could ever need.

My Aspirations

One day, it is my goal to be a talk show host. I love to entertain, and I would love to use a platform to shed light on amazing organizations that improve lives around the globe.


As much as I love to be successful and chase after the "big" things, I'm learning there is a whole lot more to life than jumping from achievement to achievement. Some of the most successful people I know have lost important parts of who they are in the name of success. While they may be disciplined, driven, and accomplished, it is easy for many to lose sight of putting others first and living a life of effective service to one another and to communities.

All this to say, I could rattle off achievements here (most are fairly underwhelming, anyway), but I would rather share my growth and the direction in which I am striving. Each day is a day when others' lives can be impacted, and I am learning to see this and seize these opportunities. I am certainly not perfect, but by trying to put others at the forefront of my life, situations are less problematic. In doing this, I know I am making a difference, and I am proud of how I have come along in that area. I am looking forward to where this leads and to see how innovation and creativity can open pathways to making the lives of others more healthy and fulfilling.

Social media profiles

Instagram: @brady_mills_ (https://www.instagram.com/brady_mills_/) Facebook: Brady Mills (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009891000273)

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