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Jeevan Kumar is a University Innovation Fellow, Twenty year old,currently  living in the Andhra 
Pradesh,India. Pursuing mechanical engineering in Aditya Institute of Technology and Management.His love towards engines and machines have made him to choose Mechanical Engineering .He loves listening to music ,playing table tennis and reading novels.He has special interest towards drawing, which helps him to project all his ideas and creativity. At free time you can find him sketching or studying. He is a kind of person who loves to learn new things , to be short a polymath. His aim in life is to serve the country by joining Armed Force. He is desperate to enhance the way of education.He is good at organising things.His strengths are positive attitude,self confidence.
From his early age, he was particular about the way he was taught in school. He loved modern way of teaching and is aiming for the same to articulate in the schools. He believes that a proper foundation of the students can bring out the  best tomorrow.
His major achievements are being concentrated on Drawing and Organising Events. He also loves taking responsibilities , which he thinks makes him stronger, confident and active. Being innovative is his best way of living. He is being habituated to live his life with all the new adventures, which makes him to gain knowledge from different aspects.

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