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She lives in Vuyyuru,Andhra Pradesh,India.She is from a mediocre family and always down to earth.she is presently a student in Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering college pursing 3/4B.tech in the stream of Information Technology. she always wants to learn new things in the updating world.Not only learns new things but also help others to learn what she learns.She has a habit of thinking out of the box.Passionate about coding and always thinks in what way her education is helpful to the society.she says "Education should not be profitable to a single person it may not be helpful to the whole world but it should be helpful to few people in the world".she is a NSS volunteer.Bhavya's strengths are self adaptability and she always wants self-satisfaction in her work.Works until she is satisfied with the work.She is a workaholic person.Bhavya's hobbies are reading and writing quotations,reading short stories.Her role model is Dr.Abdul kalam because "He won't create followers he create new leaders".Inspired and Follows his words and speeches.

Apart from that Bhavya want to change the education system from "Marks are measure of knowledge" to "Marks are not the measure of knowledge".she is a student leader and student co-ordinator in some events.Her Biggest achievement is being as part of UIF.

Campus Overview : http://www.vrsiddhartha.ac.in/

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