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Bhavesh Pudi is an university innovation fellow and  is active student who is currently pursuing his major in computer science and engineering at  Audisankara College of engineering and technology,gudur. he was born and brought up in gudur ,Nellore district of which he is very proud of.he completed his schooling in Ratnam High school in Gudur, and he completed his intermediate from Narayana Junior College,Gudur.he loves to explore new things and technologies. he is an active member in every competetion in ASCET .his main motive is to participate and give his best in whatever the competetion is . he is a good sportsperson and an active team player. he can play any role when he is placed in a team. he can act as an effective team player , awesome team leader too. he is a good speaker who motivates everyone around him through his speeches very well . he is a member of IHUB(an organisation in dept. of CSE in ASCET), a member of the overall college team named BRAND AMBASSADORS.

COLLEGE OVERVIEW: http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Audisankara_College_of_Engineering_and_Technology

STUDENT PRIORITIES :http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Audisankara_College_of_Engineering_and_Technology_Student_Priorities

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