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R & D (Research & Development):

As our college is surrounded with many number of industries…! Our students are mainly focusing on the placing in a job. They didn’t know how the basic product comes out from an industry to a market.

  • This is mainly due to lack of R&D activities in campus level.

  • By demonstrating the value and organization to students, they will have a basic recognition to research program.

  • If campus would provide a best infrastructure for developing the research it will definitely give a hand to raise the R&D in the college life it self.

  • The network should be built by the experts with the strategies.

  • They should implement work distributed in a research team.

  • By providing fertile for R&D it will also help for gaining the knowledge

Incubation center:

Mostly the students are focusing on doing jobs (or) working in other companies rather than introducing a new start-up.

It is necessary to have an incubation center in college so students will be focused more to achieve their goals as they will have an idea that they can implement stream.

To start an incubation center we should follow few steps. They are:

  1. Assess the market conditions & entrepreneurs requirements.
  2. Identify team & service providers.
  3. Arrange for resources.
  4. Establish industries linkage.
  5. Draw out a calendar for activities.
  6. Attract, select, return & manage startups.

When we have an incubation center in the college itself, students can start improving of their own ideas and achieve their goals which improve student skills, knowledge.

Start Up cell in College:

  • Students are the main resource to the industries, but many students are lagging the knowledge in I&E.

  • Students have to develop basic idea in the I&E segment.

  • If college provides a interactions between industrial experts and students, it would be benefit to students.

  • By this process the students would come across the  real time situations outside the world.

  • Their will be increase in the number for developing the startup’s from student ages.

  • By conducting the workshops once in every semester on the marketing, financing sectors this will gains the knowledge.

  • By conducting the competitions on the different segments it will also helpful.

  • Colleges should develop the network for finding the resources and for funding and marketing.

Exposure to Real World:

Many of students are enthusiastic to learn in the practical and application type of studies. But the college and universities are having the strategies to learn in class room itself. So the implementation learning outside the class room should be focused by the students itself.

Here are some practical ways to implement:

  • On campus activities:
  1. Have to offer plenty of extra-curricular activities.
  2. Introduce the students clubs.
  • Other ways to learn:
  1. Field trips.
  2. Services learning.
  3. Resources for research.






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