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Venkata Bharghav Narayana Durgi is an University Innovation Fellow and an under graduate student studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at Narasaraopeta Engineering College (NEC). Bharghav is from Andhra Pradesh, India. His schooling took place in Tiny Tots Global School.

Bharghav is Assertive in expressing feelings, needs, ideas, and rights in ways that cannot violate the rights of others. He is direct, expressive, spontaneous and self-enhancing. He is capable to negotiate terms and conditions in an efficient manner.

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He actively lead the THE FOUNDERS CONCLAVE event at his college, made him proficient in dealing people, process and events in an effective manner. He is good at academics and his interest lies in Assembling and Robotics. He gave a paper presentation on BLUE BRAIN TECHNOLGY at  KL UNIVERSITY. He pursued certifications on PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD (PCB) DESIGN conducted by IIT MADRAS; participant of QUAD COPTER design conducted at VIGNAN UNIVERSITY. He did his personal project on ACCELOMETER SENSOR. He actively involved in GLOBAL BUSINESS INCUBATOR, conducted at Narasaraopeta Engineering College.

He did his Internship with BHARAT ELECTRONICS LIMITED (BEL) where he gained nuisances about practical knowledge and exposure. He travels a lot in the belief of exploring different cultures, customs, areas and relevance with the present scenarios. He is inquisitive in interaction, nimble in interchanging ideas with others, made him passionate to attend UNIVERSITY INNOVATION FELLOWS (UIF) program. 

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