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Ben Parsell is a Junior at Grand Valley State University studying Information Systems.

With his tech background, Ben tends to come up with a variety of crazy startup ideas, including one of his latest, Inveigle. Inveigle hosts Flare.Rocket., an entrepreneurship and startup web application that will help entrepreneurs go from an idea, to getting a company off the ground, all within a single application. He tends to stay very busy with design thinking projects, and contracting for software outside of his main school, and work life.

Ben has gotten involved in a number of school-related projects, or clubs. One of those being the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (CEO) at GVSU, where Ben is President and is surrounded by a brilliant leadership team. He has also currently worked on a design thinking team to address the overall accessibility on campus for persons with disabilities.

Outside of everything else, Ben loves long-distance running, hiking in the deep wilderness, and planning to move to NYC or Chicago post-graduation.

Shoot me an email with any fun things you’re working on that might be related, or just to generally reach out.

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