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B G Akshaya is studying in 3rd year Computer Science student in VR Siddhartha Engineering College, India. She was born in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu and moved to Vijayawada.She loves to code. She likes to apply mathematical and scientific concepts while solving problems in the computer science domain. She doesn't want her journey in computer science to end, so she aims to do Masters in Computer Science after graduation. She wants to do projects which are beneficial to the government and to the society. Her areas of interest include virtual reality, data analytics and programming. She has won many prizes in Inter-College competitions.

She is very passionate about start-ups and I&E culture. This passion led her to become a University Innovation Fellows candidate. She is well known as a calligraphist in her college. Along with these her hobbies are reading novels, bird watching and surfing in the web. She is a multilingual person and can speak 5 languages. She is not restrained by the constraints in the society and she wants her country be advanced in every way possible. She can be reached via her Linkedin or Email.

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