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Ashley Findley is a sophomore Computer Engineering student at the University of Oklahoma and works in the University's Information Technology department as a Services Specialist. A job which actually inspired more her love for computers and technology. Having previously worked for years with the Technology Director for her hometowns public school district she discovered many opportunities for technology in education and became determined to share with others these possibilities.

Ashley serves as a Science and Engineering Education (SEED) Scholar through the OU College of Engineering working on a team of scholars to provide education about STEM fields and inspire interest in science and engineering courses to young students. The SEED program works entirely though inviting students to participate in hands on activities led by the scholars that challenge the students to think out side of the box to solve proposed problems. Also involved in Sooners Without Borders, Ashley found a great way to continue perusing her passion for helping others. SWB is a group that works to help improve the quality of life for others locally, nationally, and internationally with a current focusing on sustainable solutions for water sanitation working closely with the OU WaTER Center. Ashley's involvement in SWB is currently as media director and chair of local volunteerism efforts.

Her hometown is Choctaw, OK where she is close to all of her family but has come to love Norman as her new home and has made many wonderful bonds with her Sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies

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