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Hi all, my name is Arie Bradley. I am Senior Engineering Major here at James Madison University. Ever since a child I’ve been interested in pursuing engineering as a career. I grew up being very artistic. I used to draw, build and craft. I always enjoyed my art and tech ed classes in school because I was able to see my ideas come to life. Growing up, this passion to have my ideas come to life has followed me through school which reinforced my want to become an engineer. Since I’ve been working towards getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, my joy in engineering has expanded to incorporate the ideologies of adding value to the lives of others and working to develop into a better version of me. It has led me to seek out several different leadership opportunities in my academic career including the Madison Engineering Leadership Development program, being the Vice President of the National Society of Black Engineers at JMU, becoming a University Innovation Fellow, and being an Engineering Ambassador. These experiences have allowed me to establish connections with people from all backgrounds.

Over my summers, I’ve been able to partake in several internship opportunities. I’ve gotten experience in coding, databases, and network infrastructure. My most recent experience was with Northrop Grumman where I handle software tokens and Virtual Private Network issues. I was able to learn about network infrastructure and dive deeper into cybersecurity realm. In my free time, I like to remain active by going to the gym and playing sports. I also enjoy creating art in SolidWorks to be 3D printed and displayed. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and making the most out of my days. After I graduate, I want to pursue a role in consulting at a company that allows me to move laterally and vertically while gain unique experiences. In the near future, I would like to gain a MBA and start my own business.

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