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Anisha de Vries
School (Cohort)
Erasmus University Rotterdam (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Communications and Philosophy


Anisha de Vries is an undergraduate student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently she is in her third year of the International Bachelor of Communication and Media (IBCoM). This program is centered around the increased impact of media technologies on political and cultural life, and on entire economies across the globe. The shift in our everyday experiences towards enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people's personal and working lives. Within this program, Anisha has been actively involved academically through her participation in the Erasmus Honours Programme, but also socially as a student representative in the Media and Communication Programme Committee and the Faculty Council. Next to that, Anisha has actively contributed to the study magazine of the IBCoM program: IBCoMagazine. Here, she developed creative skills by writing blog posts and designing article lay-outs, and organizational skills through two consecutive board years as PR Manager and Editor-in-Chief.

In her second year of study at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Anisha started a second degree in Philosophy of Communication Studies, which has proven to be an excellent complement to the IBCoM program. In the current age of uncertainty and rapidly advancing technologies, knowledge of philosophical problems and skills remain extremely relevant, as it provides practice in expressing arguments clearly through critical and creative thinking skills. Studying philosophy provides an excellent practice in taking other perspectives in approaching situations, which is a skill that has proven extremely valuable both socially and professionally.


  • Full merit-based scholarship recipient for the TFAS Academic Internship program in Washington DC.
  • Student representative of the ESPhil (Erasmus School of Philosophy) managing board
  • Elected to Vice-Chair of the ESHCC (Erasmus School of History, Culture & Communication) Faculty Council
  • Student representative in the Media & Communication Programme Committee

Social media profiles

Instagram: @anishadevries_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anishadevries/