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1. Connecting students among faculties Our team of UIF fellows for the 2021-22 cohort consist of four students, each from a different study programme within different faculties. From the very beginning, we noticed that we have a lot of interests and passions in common- however, at Erasmus University, it is often hard to interact with students from programmes and faculties besides your own. From this, we have decided that our overarching strategic priority would be to connect students across faculties, with initiatives and activities, whether new or existing, that would be inclusive to everyone and encourage diversity.

2. Connecting students with opportunities to develop themselves and their interests outside of academics Another common idea that all of our fellows shared was the fact that there are a lot of opportunities to develop yourself outside of your study programme at Erasmus University. However, from the students that we talked and interacted with, many say that these opportunities are sometimes not promoted well enough, that there is too many to know where to start from or that they were not aware of certain opportunities that are available to them. Thus, we have made this one of our strategic priorities- to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and the extra-curricular activities offered at our university, by trying to make students more aware of and engaged with them.

3. Connecting students with their learning environment Our university is a large organisation, with thousands of students across faculties and programmes. This provides great variety and diversity, however it can also make it hard for students to feel connected to their peers, the staff and students outside their immediate academic and extracurricular circles. Especially during the pandemic and online education, this gap was widened according to many students, both incoming and current. By acknowledging this, we have formed our third student priority, which is to help students connect more to their academic environment.

4. Connecting graduating students with alumni At Erasmus University, there is a large emphasis on helping incoming students manage the transition to university. Most incoming students that use these resources find them extremely useful, as the beginning of university is often times a hard transition. Another often difficult transition is the one at the end of university- students are faced with a lot of uncertainty and an exciting, but often daunting freedom to choose whatever path they would like their life to head in. From this, we have created our fourth student priority, which is to help aid the graduating students with resources, such as alumni who have graduated from their same programme, to navigate their post-university transition.