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Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship: Our university has a set of diverse, well-developed initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students. Firstly, the curriculum of Erasmus University, both at Bachelor and Master levels, has courses, minors and majors that focus on various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, whether it be tech, sustainability or other disciplines. Secondly, there are a large number of associations and sections of the university that focus on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among the student body. For example, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) has a department dedicated to students, which involves student-led entrepreneurship workshops, training, mentoring together with start-up support and resources. Some of the flagship programs/events of ECE Students include "Student Founders Programme" which is a 4-month incubator program for EUR students and Entrepreneurial Career Days which is a 3-day event for students to get to know the start-up ecosystem in the Netherlands. Additionally, the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI) supports various student-based initiatives through its Students for Students (S4S) team. On top of these, last year, Erasmus Enterprise opened an office on campus to create an entrepreneurial community among the students and staff. This year, the first edition of Erasmus University Challenge took place with more than 50 students competing for the grand prize (seed funding).

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship: To add onto the work that the CLI is doing at Erasmus University, they are also largely focused on encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship through various methods. These include fellowships offered to research innovative practices in education, and MicroLabs, Webinars and MOOCs to help professors and staff implement innovative teaching practices. Furthermore, Risbo is a partner of the CLI which works on training and innovation for academic staff at our university. Additionally, student representation bodies such as RSM Student Representation recognize the innovative solutions of the professors with annual Professor Awards.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function: The Erasmus MC Technology Transfer Office helps in providing new findings and research be available to the general public. Furthermore, the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) aids the university technology transfer function, being a university-wide effort with student and staff parts. Additionally, tech-centred associations, such as Erasmus Tech Community, enhance the university's tech landscape.

Facilitating university-industry collaboration: During Bachelor and Master programmes, students are either encouraged or required to partake in an internship of their choice, which facilitates the university-industry collaboration. Moreover, there are initiatives on campus which are specifically dedicated to university-industry collaboration. Firstly, there is the Erasmus Recruitment platform, which connects firms to students that are willing to work for them. Secondly, there are faculty specific services, such as alumni mentoring or job platforms, which also help the collaboration between the university and industries. Thirdly, a lot of student associations host career days with various companies and relevant alumni.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts: To engage with regional and local economic development efforts, Erasmus University has access to the Validation Lab and the Accelerator programme offered by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. There also exists the Impact Centre Erasmus, which encompasses Impact at the Core, which helps connect the wider Rotterdam and Netherlands community with the work done and resources present at Erasmus University.

Below is a link to our Campus Overview spreadsheet, outlining more about our university's I&E ecosystem: