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Amrutha Baratam holds a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from the esteemed ADITYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT in Tekkali. Hailing from the vibrant town of Srikakulam, which lies approximately 2 hours away from Vizag, Amrutha has a clear vision for her future.

Her passion lies in creating employment opportunities for both the unemployed and skilled individuals within society. Recognizing that significant change requires collective effort, she has diligently honed the necessary skills to achieve her goals. Amrutha actively engages in various activities that challenge her abilities, positioning herself to lead transformative initiatives.

Her strengths include an unwavering commitment to innovative ideas and a positive outlook. Whether managing a crowd or solving complex problems, Amrutha’s capabilities shine. Her journey with the UIF (University Innovation Fellows) reflects her desire to connect with like-minded individuals and foster knowledge sharing.

Amrutha’s dedication and aspirations are commendable, and her involvement in the UIF community underscores her commitment to positive change.

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