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Amrutha baratam  is a student ,who is pursuing b.tech degree in the stream of civil engineering.The college  from where she is doing her b.tech degree is”ADITYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGE MENT”,TEKKALI.She hails from a smart city called Srikakulam ,which is at a distance of 2 hours from vizag.



She opted the stream engineering in branch civil because her main aim in life is to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed and skilled persons in the society.She thinks that a great change is not attributed by herself alone.So she mastered the skills which are required for her to reach her goal in life.She contributed herself in various activities which will test her abilities and put her in a position where she can lead the change with herself.Constantly striving for ideas and positiveness was here super abilities.She can handle the crowd and as well as a problem which is near to her.Being a part of journey where ideas will connect the people and where people can share their knowledge that is what which made her to join the UIF

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