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Amina Satarova
School (Cohort)
Lingnan University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Visual Studies
Hong Kong


Amina Satarova is an enthusiastic third-year student currently enrolled at Lingnan University, originally coming from the picturesque landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. She is majoring in Visual Studies with a focus on Film Art.

As a non-local student, Amina brings a lot to the university. She is energetic, cares deeply about the quality of education, and is passionate about making the university community more inclusive and equal.

Amina is a multi-talented person with diverse interests. She is passionate about making films and telling stories on screen. She is also interested in sports like Judo. Amina also loves music, she enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs. She also loves to sing and dance. Furthermore, her passion for language learning is noteworthy. Amina is not only fluent in three languages but also actively learning Korean and Mandarin. Amina has a strong love for nature, creativity, people, and life itself.


Amina has accomplished a great deal during her tenure at the university. She was awarded a scholarship for non-local students in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements back in high school. Her campus involvement is remarkable; she actively participates in university clubs like Music Society or Judo Team. Last year, she won a gold medal in the judo competition between all universities in Hong Kong. She is currently a non-local student ambassador and helping with various university events as a student helper. Amina has also earned a place on the Dean's List and the President's List, showcasing her academic excellence.

Amina Satarova is a vibrant member of the university community who brings energy, a commitment to quality, and a passion for inclusivity and equality to everything she does.

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