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Alperen Kars
School (Cohort)
Koç University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science


Alperen Kars is a sophomore computer science student at Koç University in İstanbul, Turkey. Apart from software development, Alperen is also engaged in studying different topics in social sciences. Currently, he is working as a project assistant in MA – Computational Social Sciences Lab and planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree also in the field of economics. Having an interest in creating social change, Alperen has worked on several projects at Koç University Social Impact Forum where he found the opportunity to collaborate with different NGOs worldwide. To practice his theoretical knowledge of project design, Alperen has studied at the University of Oulu for two months and worked on art-related design thinking projects to solve the real-life problems of European universities. Starting from high school, he volunteered in different organizations and now he is striving for maintaining and expanding this social impact through larger-scale projects and tools that he can acquire with the help of UIF and Millennium Campus Network, a program of United Nations.


Alperen has ranked 3rd degree in the field of biology in URFODU International Sciences Knowledge Contest with the participation of 1000+ schools from 9 countries. He placed 67th in Turkish University Entrance Exam in 2020 and is accepted to the Anatolian Scholarship Program of Koç University. He is also awarded with Outstanding Success Scholarship by the Turkish Education Foundation.

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