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Alfi Zahra Hafizhah
School (Cohort)
Telkom University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Information System


Hi fellows! I'm a final year student majoring in Information System. My big goal is that my life can be at least useful for the people around me, and i trying to achieve the goal by being a good academic student, being active in student organizations and also in volunteer activities to help the community. I have some interests as education and psychology for children, not very deep but quite happy to read a book about it because i think it will be useful when I volunteer to teach children or have discussion about education with my fellows. In campus organization, I am very active from the first year to the third year of study, trying to build connection, practice leadership skills, etc, and now in the final year, I deepen my interest in data analysis and internship in data analysis field. For me, it was very fun to meet new people from different background especially if we have the same sense of humor or interests. I spend my time a lot for watching drama or film, I am very interested in music so i often listen to it when i do something.


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