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AKEPATI VISHWAJA persuing her B.Tech degree in ANNAMACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES ,Rajampet,Kadapa district,Andhra pradesh.She being the only daughter of their parents and sister to her brother,always makes them feel proud of her in every stage of her life.She is mainly inspired by her father.Her father being farmer never lose hope in every aspect,she is also blessed with the same feature.She can easily mingle with any one eventhough all are new to her.She is found of observing each and everything thing keenly and has high sense of humour.Vishwaja.jpg

     Coming to her school life,she was awarded with many prizes ,certificates in different aspects.During her matriculation ,she was awarded PRATHIBA AWARD. Present being a student of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING,she attended workshop related PCB design ,MATLAB processing and guest lectures on missiles,VHDL,IC chip designing.She is very passionate about her work and completes the work how difficult it is.

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