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Ömer Bahadır Orhan
School (Cohort)
TOBB University of Economics and Technology (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
computer engineering


Since I am studying computer engineering, I decided to work on the management and planning of software projects. Then I developed myself by taking various courses and trainings within the scope of Agile (Scrum-Kanban) software development methodologies. While running towards your dreams; I aim to participate in organizations where I can improve myself in the fields of finance, artificial intelligence and leadership.

One of the most important events that changed my life is when I bought my first stock while I was still in high school and became acquainted with the concept of "investment". When I was in high school, I worked part-time as an assistant curator at the Campus Art Center.

Thanks to my interest in the art of rhetoric, I improved myself in rhetoric by taking lessons when I was in high school.

After high school, I decided to take a break from my education for a year and travel to Europe. In this process, I was accepted to the English preparatory school of Vienna Technical University and improved my English at a professional level. I had the chance to be in 9 different countries in Europe.

I worked as a product developer in the software team in the creation of web-based software and mobile software parts of our project, which I brought up to the investment stage, where I was in the founding team.

In this process, I took a decision-making role in determining the software languages to be used in the project and planning the basic architectural elements in the software. In addition to these, I contributed to the project in the determination of the interface features and then the documentation of the determined features.

I provided the preparation and follow-up of the software tasks in the project by using project management tools such as Trello, Slack, Balsamiq. In the features we prepared, I regularly used the Agile methodology to ensure that the product we created matched our goals and to increase the efficiency of our team.

Last year, I worked with the CEO of Evreka, an initiative that develops both mobile applications and web applications, where I worked as a long-term executive team intern. At the same time, I had the chance to gain a lot of experience in product development and management of software projects by working with the product manager of the enterprise.

I have the medal for the second place in Turkey for young men in handball. I have been doing crossfit actively since high school. Team sports is a big passion for me.


Social media profiles

https://www.linkedin.com/in/%C3%B6mer-bahad%C4%B1r-orhan-/ https://www.instagram.com/omer_orhan/?hl=tr