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Anthony Ayebiahwe is a Junior majoring in Economics with concentration in Methods and Models at Berea College in Kentucky. He is from Elmina, Ghana in the West Africa. Anthony has been part of the Men's Intercollegiate Soccer team and  a Bonner Scholar, since his freshmen year. As a Bonner Scholar, he has served on Berea College campus and beyond. His leadership roles on campus and internationally is a considerable plus for this new role.  Anthony's academic excellence and servant leadership will be a plus for  him, since being an University Innovation Fellow calls for a servant leader with an entrepreneurship and creative mindset. His creativity and innovation will be a considerable plus on his new role. He is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship on Berea College campus. He quotes Donald Trump"As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big". Anthony believes in thinking big and excited to have been accepted as a University Innovation Fellow to  promote innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity on Berea College campus and beyond. 


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