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Prairie View A&M University Student Priorities

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Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) is a historically black university located in Prairie View, Texas, and is a member of the Texas A&M University System. Prairie View has a small innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. There is a gap in the undergraduate involvement because of the lack of awareness of the resources that are readily available to them as well as the lack of opportunities to all of the various disciplines offered. The best way to fill this gap is to create a student organization that focuses on being knowledgeable in the current opportunities available on campus as well as determining the needs of the students and working to bring more opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship to the campus.

The organization will be comprised of students representing the various majors offered on the campus in order to create opportunities for all majors. The purpose of the organization will be to build the students interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, give students the resources needed to begin their innovative journey, help them network, present their projects, and/or launch a business, and connect them to the resources necessary to be independent. This organization will be the key to continuing to build innovation and entrepreneurship at Prairie View A&M University.

= Strategy #1: Cultivate and Promote PV Wire as the Innovation Student Organization for PVAMU

PV Wire is the student organization that will provide students opportunities to promulgate ideation and innovation. The organization will develop and provide programs, seminars, speakers and competitions to foster and synergize PVAMU's innovation ecosystem.

Tactic #1: Build a Collaborative Student Council Team within PV WIRE

PV WIRE will establish a council comprised of students from the various majors offered on campus to help cultivate a collaborative platform. The council members from each major will be responsible for disseminating information concerning innovation projects as well as changes in the dynamics of their field of study. The group will work in conjunction with PV Wire.

Tactic #2: Gain Faculty Support

Faculty support is imperative. As such,faculty advisors will be appointed to the innovation student organization and council. The faculty will advise and assist with the decision making process and assure the goals of the organizations are attained. Faculty support will also be used to inform their students and other faculty about PV WIRE.

Strategy #2: Provide an Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course

Currently, Prairie View has an Innovation and Entrepreneurship course. However, the class is offered by the college of business and the majority of students who register for the class are business majors. Prairie View should offer a course that allows students to learn about innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship that is open to all disciplines. This will allow students to learn how to approach various problems from various viewpoints and as a result there will be more creative thinking because of the interdisciplinary collaboration. Also, the course will allow the students to network with students from other majors and collaborate have a resource for outside projects.

Tactic #1: Ask Professors from Various Disciplines to Collaborate and Create a Curriculum that Incorporates Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

This will give students outside of the business department an opportunity to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship. The course will also help students to see approaches and thought processes of students from different majors. As a result, this will help foster ideas and create innovation teams with various disciplines using the knowledge and resources from their particular fields to help the teams be more successful.

Tactic #2: Restructure STEM Courses to Incorporate Discussion Groups

The purpose of this tactic is to help foster innovation curriculum in the classrooms. The discussion groups will convene and discuss current innovation processes and services in the field related to their courses. The professors will discuss innovations related to curriculum being taught and as a result the students can think of ideas to create solutions to current problems or improve upon existing projects. The discussion groups can be graded based on participation or completion of a related project.

Strategy #3: Establish a Design Space and Make it Resourceful for all Majors at Prairie View

Tactic #1: Identify a Suitable Space and Tailor it to be used for Design Thinking

By creating a space specifically for design thinking, students will have the opportunity to be innovative and creative as well as collaborate with other disciplines. Interdisciplinary collaboration is important because students are able to incorporate different ways of thinking so that they are challenged to think beyond the obvious.

Tactic #2: Appoint Innovation Leaders to Supervise Innovation Space

Tactic #2 will be accomplished by strategy #1. The student led innovation and entrepreneurship organization, PV Wire, will be in charge of the design space. The space will be the organization’s headquarters and the students will work to increase the involvement of the various students from various disciplines on campus. The organization will host hands on events and workshops to help foster innovative ideas.

Tactic #3: Maintain Momentum by Continuously Organizing Programs and Events Focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

By establishing a design space and appointing leaders, the movement to bring more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship to Prairie View will pick up momentum. The design space will be a space for speakers to come present, provide hands-on workshops, host competitions and collaborate with external stakeholders.

Prairie View A&M University Landscape Canvas

Prairie View A&M University Landscape Canvas:

Mapping the assets of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) ecosystem of Prairie View is a vital first step before determining what strategies will make a positive impact. The landscape canvas is a map of all of the resources available already existing on the campus. Below is a link to Prairie View's landscape canvas.

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