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Brianna Lewis
School (Cohort)
Prairie View A&M University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
United States


Brianna Lewis currently attends Prairie View A&M University where she majors in Agriculture. She grew up in Fort Worth, Tx where for many years she not only attended school but started her journey as a role model for others, raised livestock and competed in many stock shows, and volunteered at many veterinary clinics in hopes to pursue her passion to become a Research Veterinarian. Along the way she developed a motto called the " Triple G's" which stands for " Grow in every way, Grind Daily then you shall Glow for eternity". This motto aided in her path of mentoring not only myself for my fellow peers. The motto was conjured up in hopes to encourage herself through rough times and show others the power of endurance and personal growth. While attending Prairie View A&M, Brianna Lewis continued the path of speaking for others by becoming Fundraising Chairman for the " Pre-Veterinarian Club", a mentor for " Leading Innovation Venture Entrepreneurship" and a tutor for various classes. Through these activities, she has created a path for other students to improve not only the campus but inadvertently give purpose to their own life.


2012: Member of Future Farmer of America 2016: 2nd place - Greenhand Quiz 2016: 1,000 Future Farmers of America Scholarship 2016: 1st place - Livestock Showmanship 2018: Member of Pre-Veterinarian Medicine Club 2019-2021: Pre-Veterinarian Medicine Club Fundraiser Chairman 2018: Spring Semester Tarrant County College Deans List 2019-2021: Leading Innovation Venture Entrepreneurship Member 2020-2021 : Mentor for Sisters Improving Sisterhood

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