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                       Sravani is working as Technical Associate at DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) Bank and graduated  from VR SIDDHARTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh who is working towards becoming an eminent software engineer. With her passion for Computer Science and Engineering, she is seeking various programming languages. Prior to that Sravani is responsive to changes in latest technologies, creative in execution and expert in decision making. She always trains herself to look on better side of life rather than focusing on problems.

                          Over the next few years she is hoping to engage in a valuable research that will hopefully be a useful contribution to the development of computer Science. Sravani is also a volunteer in National Service Scheme(NSS) and has experienced in guiding her team in many technical activities, workshops and was awarded for her role as a team leader. After graduation, she plans on connecting her new knowledge in the fields of technology.

Specialties ::skill full in programming languages|project management | leader ship|public speaking|strategic planning

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