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Bernard Baird is a University Innovations Fellow from Richmond, Virginia and a Senior

Engineering Student from James Madison University. From a young age, he's always had a sense of motivation and positivity driving his endeavors. He pursued extracurriculars and sports with a high sense of passion and drove to instill that into the people around him. Now, whether it’s exploring unique opportunities to learn new abilities, traveling, or meeting new people, he brings these values to every experience. 

He's held few positions, but his most notable have between his experience in design through his Undergraduate Engineering program and his position as an intern with Booz Allen Hamilton. His experiences guided him to look beyond the problems given and rather look for those that haven't been defined yet, those from the stakeholders themselves.

With this mindset and experience in mind, he learned that people shouldn't focus on developing the solution for the problem, but rather the Humans involved.

Bernie spends his free time practicing his programming, watching lots of baseball (Go Red Sox!), and consistently devouring any and all food. He also loves to hike and go to the gym. 

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