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The University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon (UPRB) was inaugurated on August 15, 1971 under the name of Colegio Regional de Bayamon, by virtue of the University Law of 1966. However, the academic activities of the College began on August 30 of the same year.

The Higher Education Council in Certification 112 of 1978-79, changes the name to Bayamon Technological University College. The Board of Trustees by mandate law and by Certification 151 of 1997-98 modifies de name to Colegio Universitario de Bayamón. In 1998 the Board of Trustees confers all the attributes, duties and responsibilities as an autonomous unit within the University of Puerto Rico system. It is currently known as the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon according to Certification 27 1999-2000 of the Board of Trustees.

The University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón is the third institution in the public higher education system with the largest student population. It offers various degrees at the baccalaureate level, associate degrees and transfer programs. Of the seven (7) most important university institutions in the Bayamon area, UPRB is the most economically viable for students and their families. According to the prestigious North America entity College Compare, UPRB is among the top 10 university campuses -in all states ant territories- in the term of its Biology, Computer Science, Pedagogy and Business Administration programs.

UPRB considers that its main strength is the students, who constantly win prizes in all disciplines - even internationally, which contributes to institutional prestige. The mission, vision and goals of UPRB as an educational institution reside mainly in facilitating the acquisition and development of knowledge for students through the arts, sciences and technology.