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OVERVIEW ( Cohort 2022)

In 2022 Dorma Lugo and Genesis Feliciano, two students from the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon were chosen to participate in the University Innovation Fellows Cohort 2022 with the purpose to perform a series of investigations to highlight a few points of concerns about the university and make a positive change by improving the way students see and feel about campus and how future generations can beneficiate from that.


It should be noted that there are several problems related with students and how administration make the approach to them. However, one of the main problems that the students highlighted at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon is the lack of orientation and disinformation.

After a series of investigations, it can be seen how most of the students feel lost in the institution, and the majority do not know about the services provided by the university and where staff, departments and services offices are located. Students wants to be more involved in other programs and activities at campus and have more technology an innovation spaces available but they feel the institution don´t fulfill those needs and the lack of approach is something we can make better.



How might we help students know the services that the university provides?

Students are unaware about all the services that the campus provides. The best way to promote the services is:

· Using social media to promote the services.

·  Advertising trough campus.

·  Faculty members and staff can promote the services

·  Identify key point places trough campus where students can see the information about the services.


How might we help students know the campus facilities?

Most of the students don’t know about the campus facilities. The best way to promote the facilities is:

·  Make guided tours for students and the community.

·  Have signs pointing to places, plus have several touch maps of the university in key point places.

·  Use social media and videos advertising the facilities.

. Do orientations fair through campus like cafeteria, library or other places of interest.


How might we help promote campus facilities throughout social media?

Throughout an investigation most of the students preferred social media as a method of communication. Most of them preferred Instagram and email as their main source of communication. Therefore, the best way to use social media to help promote campus facilities and services is:

·  Make reels, and vlogs doing virtual tours of the university.

·  Have a QR in key point places where the students can scan and navigate throughout social media, in a way that it can facilitate students to find the resource or service they need.