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Over the years the Alma Mater of Varna has changed its name a number of times.  Until 1938 it was called Higher School of Commerce, often referred to as the Academy of Commerce.  From 1938 to 1945 it was Higher School of Economic and Social Sciences; from 1945 to 1953 it was called St. Cyril of Bulgaria State University of Varna.  From 1953 to 1963 it was called Higher Institute of National Economy.  From 1963 to 1990 this Institute was named after Dimitar Blagoev.  In 1990 the business school was renamed Varna University of Economics, following a decision of its Academic Council, confirmed by National Parliament decision in 1995.


University of Economics – Varna offers a range of 22 accredited majors in four professional divisions: Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, IT and Computer Sciences.

The master’s degree offers 34 master’s degree majors in three types of studies: full-time, part-time and distance learning. The College of Tourism offers training for a professional bachelor’s degree in tourism in three majors.

University of Economics – Varna embraces projects that facilitate academic and research exchange with international academic centres. The university maintains contacts and cooperates with over 130 international universities. It takes part in projects under different programmes: ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, etc.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Center Innovation and Development

The Center Innovation and development (CID) at the University of Economics – Varna was established in 2013 by a decision of the Academic Council. CID is intended to maintain and develop the relationship business-training in the latest development areas of knowledge for achieving the strategic objective – University of Economics – Varna be an innovative, high-technological and competitive university.

The activities of CID include systematic interdisciplinary research, analyzes, consultancies and other project-based activities for business structures and processes in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector in Bulgaria. Every year CID organizes and holds an international student competition for creative projects Brand Idea.

Facilitating University - Industry Collaboration

Brand Idea

Brand Idea is an annual competition for creative and innovative ideas, developed in two directions:

Brand Idea Accelerator – Presentation of projects for alternative advertising campaigns with an upcoming realization, developed by students.

Brand Idea Hackathon – Real cases will be solved by students in the frames of the competition days. The contractors are representatives of successful business organizations, so the winner will have the chance to work together with the sponsor and the opportunity for a future realization.


The university develops entrepreneurship and project oriented thinking both for the internal (students, teachers and administration) and for the external collaborators. This requires constant search and finding of new forms of cooperation between students and teachers and the business, the non-profit organizations and the public administration. The UEBN closes the gap. The main goal of the project is the creation and support of sustainable platform for cooperation of the university and the business, incl. establishment of productive dialogue with the external environment, focused on the satisfaction of needs of the parties and on helping the successful realization of the university graduates

Business in action'by AIESEC'

Main objective is to create strong links between the corporate sector and students in the city. The event is a real business simulation due to the fact that within it the students have the opportunity to work on real business case studies provided by the leading companies in Bulgaria.

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