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Strategy 1: Communication 

Project "Student Mentoring" 

We want to organize meetings where students help students. They will be divided into two groups – mentors and regular attendees. The mentors represent different departments and can help regular attendees with lectures, extra information and in general, they can give advice concerning the whole university experience. Also at those meetings students can get information about masters and PhD programs from people that are part of those programs. 

We believe that with the project "Student Mentoring" students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills. This is because part of the project is so-called "speed networking". When each participant has to exchange information, it is extremely important that he/she will submit his / her question in order to get the best possible and comprehensive response. Also, mentors will have the opportunity to learn how to transmit a large amount of important information without losing anything.

To realize this idea we need just a handful of things: a place (the cafeteria), a university department that is willing to participate in this event, some promotional posts (free ones) in Facebook and a poster for the university entrance. 

Strategy 2: Raising awareness about environmental pollution 

Project: "Separate waste collection"

Environmental pollution is one of the most basic and topical issues of modern times. In recent years, this issue has been increasingly addressed. That is why we would like to give a good example to the other universities in the country, to our fellow citizens and especially to the younger generation by starting to collect waste separately at University of  Economics - Varna. This will reduce our environmental footprint and will help to maintain the reputation of the university.

The project will be carried out by placing baskets for the separate collection of the waste in the dormitories of the university and the three campuses. Events in this direction will be organized and pictures of polluted landscapes will be projected to inform the students.

Strategy 3: Better orientation on campus 

Project: "360 degree Virtual tour"

The idea was inspired by Google Street View. That would allow students, especially freshmen to get to know the place better, without the chance of getting lost. It also addresses the problem that we identified in one of the interviews with first year students. We'd like to build up on the original idea and add tags and information in the virtual points of the walk – pointing out key areas in the university. In this way the students would also be able to explore the resources, including those, regarding innovation. The service Google Street View exists for a few years now and allows us to explore the world from the comfort of our homes. The information about the key areas and resources of the university is already available on the site, but it’s not that easy to be found. Combining those two would make and epic solution that could foster innovation in the university.

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