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The University of Indonesia is a public university in Depok, West Java and Salemba, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the oldest tertiary-level educational institutions in Indonesia (known as the Dutch East Indies when UI was established), and is generally considered one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. In the 2019 QS World Universities Ranking, UI is ranked 1st in Indonesia, 57th in Asia and 292nd in the world.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs

Academic Course


This course introduces and provides insight into entrepreneurship in technology (technology-entrepreneurship). This course will teach students to (1) identify opportunities, (2) collect resources, (3) make a plan to start to develop entrepreneurship.

Software Engineering Project & Information System Development Project

The course provides the students with the experience to be actively involved in a one-semester software engineering project by running a complete software development lifecycle, from ideation until deployment. Practical issues related to development methodology and technology used will be discussed. Things that are covered in these courses are: (1) Working in a team, communication skill (2) Product visibility, ideation (3) Development and deployment, continuous integration (4) Software testing, test coverage (5) Maintainability, refactoring, changes management (6) Security, privacy (7) Documentation (8) Scalability, profiling

Business Administration

This course teaches students related aspects and basic knowledge of business help develop student talents in the business world. At the end of this course, students are expected to able to understand business concepts, such as: (1) Students are able to explain aspects of in the management of an organization, (2) Students are able to work with employees, (3) Students are able to explain aspects of in employee management, (4) Students are able to make business plans.

Project Management

The course will discuss following topics: project life cycle, project organization, project planning, project scheduling, project resources allocation, project budgeting, project controlling and evaluation, project auditing, project reporting, conflict management, and project risk management.

Extracurricular Activities

CEDS Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Studies Universitas Indonesia, or well-known as CEDS UI, is the only student body for business at Universitas Indonesia that provides its members with business development programs and activities. CEDS UI was officially established on July 7th, 1998. Every year, CEDS UI accepts about 40-80 students from any faculty and background as members, expert teams, and board of executives.

CEDS UI has a vision to contribute to the research and development of entrepreneurship for students—in particular—and society—in general. CEDS programs focus on helping students who haven't any business yet to build business through CEDS curriculum. To achieve that vision, networking and surroundings are important. That's why CEDS UI gathers students who have passion in business to share their knowledge and experience. Also, they can find their future business partner in this community. So far, CEDS UI already has 21 batches who are gathered as Ikatan Alumni CEDS UI (Iluni CEDS UI). CEDS UI graduates already have business in all over Indonesia, such as fashion, culinary, consultant, industry, et cetera. These successful CEDS UI graduates eventually will be mentor to share their experience and knowledge for new members.

UI Incubate The business incubation process includes the following activities: 1. Selection of research results and technological innovations that are suitable for downstream 2. Dissemination of research and innovation results to those who need it 3. Initiation and access to marketing networks for products originating from universities. In order to carry out the incubation management function, DISTP facilitates the development of research/research results of lecturers and students that will be used as innovations.

For innovative works that have the potential to become Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), will the assistance process is carried out in the form of patent and non-patent works.

ShARE Universitas Indonesia ShARE Universitas Indonesia is a student-driven leadership training program designed to help students gain essential corporate skills and leadership skills that aim to incorporate the values of Do Well and Do Good for the betterment of our societies.

ShARE UI is a two-year commitment program where students will be trained through rigorous learning modules, consulting presentation, learning unit projects, and startup consulting project. ShARE UI has partnered with more than 10 local and international companies in which students have had the opportunity to solve real business problems based on what they have learnt from ShARE itself.

Management Student Society of Faculty of Economic and Business (MSS FEB UI)

MSS FEB UI is the student organization for management student built as a partner with Department of Management FEB UI to provide students aspiration in management, business, and entrepreneurship. They held several annual programs:

  • MIST

MIST is an International Marketing Conference, Seminar, and Training that offers all necessary updates and insights from the marketing world. MIST is the biggest annual marketing event held by university students from the Faculty Economic and Business, Universitas Indonesia.


Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS) FEB UI is the biggest and oldest international capital market event held by students in Indonesia. ICMSS is entering its 21st year, marking more than 2 decades of excellence. Their 3 main events are Equity Research Conference, Capital Market Seminar and Investment Training.

  • MX

The Management e[X]posed is the biggest Business and Entrepreneurship event held by students in Indonesia. MX aim to develop skills, knowledge and attitude in business and management. There are 3 main agendas, Business Plan Competition, Talkshow and Lapak Loka Contemporary Lifestyle Bazaar.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

Tokopedia-UI AI Center for Excellence

As a result of a partnership between UI and Tokopedia, the AI Center serves as a role model for collaboration in the area of AI research and development between academia and industry. Furthermore, the AI Center aims to foster other forms of partnerships with industry and government, delivering concrete AI solutions for real-world problems. Equipped with the latest AI technologies, the AI Center commits to conduct excellent AI research, advancing the state-of-the-art and shaping the national AI strategies.

Research Grants, Department of Research and Development The Directorate of Research and Development (Risbang) is a directorate within the University of Indonesia Administrative Center with the main task of managing multidisciplinary, intradisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and development activities within the University of Indonesia. Innovation has always been the core focus of the University. UI offers many research supports to its faculty members.

BRI Peduli (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) CSR Program This creation scholarship program provided by BRI aims to support the sustainability of student-based project that can bring social impact as well as economic impact into the societies. There are three main categories of funding that will be provided:

  • Technology creation: Technology research project (i.e. patented product, academic research)
  • Entrepreneurship creation: Startups or small businesses that need funding for sustainability purposes
  • Social Creation: Social mission or not-for-profit project to help improving real societal problems

University Technology Transfer Function

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) In the odd semester of 2021/2022, Fasilkom UI offers 16 massive open online courses (MOOC) in the field of computer science and information systems that are available for college education participants at the undergraduate and master levels.

COMPFEST COMPFEST is the largest annual IT event held and organized by students The University of Indonesia from the Faculty of Computer Science. This year's COMPFEST will carry the theme "Elevating Human Quality Through the Utilization of Limitless Technology" and tagline #TechtoElevate. This event has been a success held for 12 consecutive years. COMPFEST aims to provide innovation, increase awareness of the innovation, and have a positive impact on society. This can be realized by organizing a network COMPFEST activities, namely, Academy, Competition, Seminar, and Main Event.️

Facilitating university-industry collaboration

Kampus Merdeka

The objective of the Kampus Merdeka "right to learn three semesters outside the study program" is to improve the competence of graduates, both soft skills and hard skills, to be more prepared and relevant to the needs of the times, prepare graduates as future leaders of the nation's excellence and personality. Experiential learning programs with flexible pathways are expected to facilitate students to develop their potential according to their passions and talents. The programs offered include internships and independent projects in collaboration with well-known Indonesian companies such as Google, Gojek, Tokopedia, Traveloka.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

Community Service (CSR)

Almost all faculties in the University of Indonesia have their own Community Service Program in form of knowledge transfer via transferring human resources to rural areas, system development, and many others.

Software Engineering Project x SMEs

One form of support that the University of Indonesia has given to the community for years is equipping Small Medium Businesses (SMEs) with digital platforms. With the collaboration between SMEs and Computer Science students in the course called PPL, hundreds of Information Systems have been developed. This program has helped many SMEs to grow and adapt in the digital era.

EndCorona Students of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) and the Faculty of Computer Science (Fasilkom) of the University of Indonesia collaborated to create a Covid-19 Risk Assessment Provider platform called EndCorona. This platform was released to the public as an effort to independently detect the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 and in order to provide information, the latest situation, and prevention of hoax news regarding COVID-19.