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Our team has strategized 4 key projects to encourage students innovation and entrepreneurship skills at our campus, which are:

  • [1] CV Review Platform
  • [2] Scholarship mock workshop
  • [3] Job interview workshop
  • [4] Design thinking hackathon

Let’s find the details below!

Strategy #1: Empowering students to create outstanding CV to boost career development

CV or resume is an important asset for students, especially Final Year students to apply for an internship program or first-time job. Almost all of our students have experience in making CVs. However, creating an outstanding CV needs to be carefully crafted to align with the companies’ visions and objectives when applying for the first time. Without prior knowledge and structure of writing a good CV, students might have less chance to land their dream job. Unfortunately, a lot of our students are having those problems. They don’t really understand and have limited knowledge about writing an outstanding CV that compels recruiters.

During our user interview, we found that some of our seniors and alumni have succeeded in landing their dream jobs and are willing to share their professional experience with their peers on our campus. They would love to give back and help their peers to create their best version of CV. However, there has been no platform to connect those senior students with those students whose CV wants to get reviewed. That’s why we want to establish the first peer-to-peer CV review platform to democratize CV review among students at our campus.

Key Tactics:

1. Preparation:

  • Achieve min. 70% on NPS Score
  • Achieve min. 70% on CSAT Score
  • Achieve min. 50 reviewees
  • Partner with min. 50 reviewers
  • Idea feedback from CDC UI
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Website Designs
  • Strategic marketing and partnership schemes to attract students
  • Technical systems
  • Non-technical: emphasize the usage of personal connections to promote our programs

2. Execution:

  • Social media: Digital engagement to promote awareness
  • Branding: establishing catchy project concept
  • Development: Ensuring smooth reviewee and reviewer journey in the platform
  • Partner with Senior and Alumni to become reviewers and get advisors

3. Evaluation: Google Form survey to analyze the stickiness of our project from minimum 70% of students that are reviewees and reviewers

Strategy #2: Supporting students to ace master’s degree scholarship selection process upon graduation from campus

Continuing master’s studies will help students gain specialized knowledge to advance in their field. It will also help to excel UI’s student career. Moreover, it is an important step to improve Indonesia’s science development. Supporting students who are willing to continue their Master's study is very critical.

However, students feel information sharing regarding master’s studies scholarship is still limited or exclusive only to few students while many students aspiring to have master’s study. Students need assistance on finding and practicing selection preparation from those who have experienced it. Universitas Indonesia has experience of assisting students to have exchange study and maintain strategic partnership with numerous notable universities. Connecting students with alumni and utilizing abroad university partnership could leverage students knowledge and skill to ace master’s study application.

We are proposing “Universitas Indonesia’s Scholarship Mock Workshop and Community”. The program aimed to become a platform for aspiring students with alumni and UI strategic bodies such as International Office to help closing information gaps by providing workshops, webinars, and community hours regarding master’s study and scholarship application. Students will get:

  • Assigned alumni mentors based on master’s study purpose (major/minor) and country destination.
  • Biweekly workshops and webinars about GMAT/GRE test, language proficiency test, document preparation (motivation letter and recommendation letter), and scholarship interview.
  • Community Open Hours in social media groups where students can ask alumni regarding their application progress. Students could also have a place to share information and support each other.

Strategy #3: Facilitating students to experience job interview through a series of job selection process workshop

Landing the first job at our dream company is everyone’s long-awaited dream that should yet be realized. However, not all of the students have succeeded in making one. One of them is the lack of preparation to participate in the first selection process. A lot of students really need deep insights and experience on how to ace their job interviews before they apply directly to better understand and perfect them.

Currently our campus only holds quarterly career expo that aims to inform and hire talents without giving any simulations on the job interview process that a lot of students need. That’s why we want to incorporate a job interview selection workshop on our established campus career expo to help students experience and better prepare to become fully career-ready upon graduation.

Key Tactics:

1. Preparation:

  • Achieve min. 70% on NPS Score
  • Achieve min. 70% on CSAT Score
  • Achieve min. 50 participants
  • Partner with min. 10 companies
  • Idea feedback from CDC UI
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • On-boarding and project introduction with different stakeholders
  • Pre-workshop: Registration issues and emphasize peer connections to attract companies and participants
  • During workshop: platform issues and emphasize staff’s direct actions

2. Execution:

  • Social media: Digital engagement to promote awareness
  • Branding: establishing catchy project concept
  • Ticketing, webinar and workshop host, event ops and evaluation strategy
  • Partner with internal organizations and recruiters from companies

3. Evaluation:

  • Google Form survey to analyze the stickiness of our project from minimum 70% of students that are reviewees and reviewers
  • Focus Group Discussion to ask qualitative feedback from participants

Strategy #4: Increasing multidisciplinary collaboration and access to entrepreneurship supports

Collaboration of multiple disciplines is one of the keys of many great inventions. Our campus is still lacking student collaborations across different majors in UI. For example, when medical students have innovations to foster vaccination programs with the help of technology, a platform to match medical students and tech students is crucially needed. Moreover, bringing the product invention to commercialization, be it profit or non-profit, poses another challenge. In other words, support given to entrepreneurial activities are not well exposed and need to be improved.

We are proposing an event called “Universitas Indonesia Design Thinking Hackathon”. We aim to foster innovations and multi-disciplinary collaborations among UI students to solve Indonesia's problems and societal challenges. Unlike regular hackathons, UIFI Hackathon aims to support the commercialization of the final product to encourage entrepreneurship among students.

This Design Thinking Hackathon offers Universitas Indonesia students with unique opportunities as follows:

  • Collaboration with students from different majors
  • Design thinking hands-on experience
  • One-on-one mentor assignment who will assist during product deliverable creation
  • Access to funding and other supports for winners

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