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Logo of Universitas Gunadarma
Universitas Gunadarma main campus in Depok, West Java


Universitas Gunadarma, or commonly called Gunadarma, is one of the private universities in Indonesia. Universitas Gunadarma was established on August 7, 1981 with the main campus located in Depok City, West Java.

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship


UG-IBC [1] or Universitas Gunadarma Incubator Business Center is an institution, which facilitate students in training for entrepreneurship and assist in the formation of the company.


CCUG [2] or Cyber Community Universitas Gunadarma is a cyber community that focuses on information & network security competitions such as CTF (Capture The Flag) both at home and abroad where each member is an active student from Universitas Gunadarma CCUG was founded in May 2017 by three Universitas Gunadarma students named Ravi Dharmawan, Muhammad Fadel Maulana and Jibril Hartri Putra.

Gunadarma Google Developer Student Club

Gunadarma Google Developer Student Club [3] is a community for student developers with a ton of dreams willing to make positive changes to the local community, especially university ecosystem using Google Technology. This is a worldwide network of international Google DSC

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

UG Journal

UG Journal [4] is a collection of research journals from all faculties written by Universitas Gunadarma Lecturers. UG Journal is published once a month and every month contains journals from various faculties.

Lecturer Certification by Universitas Gunadarma Quality Assurance Agency

In the face of world developments marked by increasingly fierce competition in almost all fields, the role of lecturers in the process of changing the quality of human resources is increasingly strategic. Referring to the above conditions and the policies taken by the government, Universitas Gunadarma feels the need to implement a systematic, integrated, and sustainable quality assurance system through the Quality Assurance Agency of Universitas Gunadarma [5].

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function

HPC Universitas Gunadarma

High Performance Computing Universitas Gunadarma [6] is a forum for the development of the Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputer and the DGX A100 is a machine with high capabilities in processing large amounts of data, supporting the development of Big Data, Data Analytic, and Artificial Intelligence.

Facilitating university-industry collaboration

UG Career Center

Universitas Gunadarma Career Center [7] was formed with one of the goals to be able to bridge between universities and companies as a form of higher education responsibility towards its graduates. This Career Center aims to be a mediator between job seekers and companies/agencies/industry that are in need of workers.

Universitas Gunadarma Investment Gallery

The Investment Gallery [8] was established as an information center and learning tool regarding the capital market which is a collaboration between Gunadarma University, PT. Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), and PT. Valbury Asia Securities (VAS).

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts


As the largest ICT-based private university in Indonesia, Universitas Gunadarma has an important role in assisting cities and districts in realizing smart cities through partnership and mentoring programs. Therefore, to help encourage cities and regencies in Indonesia to apply the concept of smart cities to solve the problems they face, as well as to stimulate and improve research, teaching and innovation in the field of smart cities for lecturers and students, a study center named Universitas Gunadarma Center for Smart and Sustainable City (UG-CSSC) [9].