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Cross major learning is needed in conducting innovation and entrepreneurship. With the package course system from Gunadarma University, students will find it difficult to acquire this knowledge. Therefore, we need a program that can provide knowledge from the cross major needed in innovation and entrepreneurship. We offer a program where students will learn using problem based learning methods. This project will collaborate with UG-Entrepreneurship. This program will run for several weeks, and students can learn from the most basic things, such as ideas to how to account for funds from investors.

Innovation Competition

As we know, funding is a very difficult thing to do in carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship activities, especially for students. Therefore, we need a program that facilitates students in finding funding. It is unfortunate if the knowledge gained from bootcamp is not immediately implemented. Therefore, after bootcamp student will be asked to create a capstone project based on real problem. The project will be presented in front of judges and the best project will be incubate in UG-Incubator Business Center to be developed into a startup.