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"As the nation's first degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Lincoln University has an important and impactful legacy" with an extremely diverse network. Lincoln University's Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Department serves as a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and diversity of thought. We pride ourselves on supplying students with the necessary tools and equipment needed to thrive in the world beyond Lincoln University. With a global alumni network and impactful resources located on campus, our students are supplied with the necessary tools to learn, liberate, and lead in whatever endeavor they wish to pursue in the future.

The Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Department is the home of Lincoln University's Lincubator. The Lincubator is a resource hub for students on campus that helps propel and grow their business ideas. It supplies them with resources such as podcasting studios, 3-D printers, and Mac desktops. In addition to these resources, the Lincubator encompasses a variety of current student-led businesses in our Innovation Cafe. The Innovation Cafe is a shop where students can purchase their peer's products or services from their very own businesses. It gives students a chance to showcase their products and services and for their peers to be made aware of these businesses. The Lincubator is indeed a promoter of diverse markets.

Campus Resources

Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Semester Long 1-on-1 or Group Mentorship Series
  • Build your own Business Plan Series
  • Grant Writing Workshops

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Supporting professors entrepreneurial journeys
  • Allowing professors to conduct research with students
  • Having networking events for professors

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function:

  • Workshops for Office of Information Technology
  • Building cell towers on campus
  • Partnership with Verizon or Xfinity for Faster Internet

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration:

  • Weekly "Meet X" Series where industry professionals are brought on campus to speak with students.
  • Off-campus field trips to corporations
  • Corporation led workshops

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts:

  • Hosting community events with members of the local community
  • Connecting with key stakeholders including government officials, business leaders, and community organizers.
  • Join business association, chambers of commerce, or industry-specific groups.