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Fall 2023 Student Priorities:

Pujan Patel:

Idea: To equip Lincoln University students with the tools necessary to propel their lives in a positive direction.

  • Providing students with a curriculum that is both engaging and supplemental to real world experiences that they will encounter after graduation.
  • Allowing students the opportunities to be able to access networking opportunities that can propel their future.
  • To increase opportunities for students in the professional sectors by giving them access to multiple scholarships, internships, and jobs.

McKayla Miller:

Idea: To enhance the financial literacy of students, equipping them with essential skills for a successful financial future.

  • Conduct workshops and seminars on financial planning, budgeting, and investing.
  • Provide online resources and tools for easy access to financial information and calculators.
  • Partner with career services to integrate financial literacy into overall student development programs.

Jordan Hall:

Idea: To improve the social well-being of my fellow students.

  • Create a welcoming, inclusive environment to foster strong social connections among students.
  • Provide accessible mental health services and resources to reduce stress and promote emotional well-being.
  • Offer diverse activities that encourage social interaction, personal growth, and skill development.

Marcis Fequiere:

Idea: To provide students with a structured avenue to express and cultivate creativity.

  • Establish dedicated areas on campus where students can express themselves through art, music, writing, or other creative pursuits.
  • Offer workshops, resources, and materials to support and enhance students' creative skills and projects.
  • Organize events, exhibitions, or performances to provide platforms for students to share and celebrate their creative work with the campus community.