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Campus Overview


 JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University) was originally ‘The College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam' at the time of its establishment in 1946. This college became a constituent of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University w.e.f 02-10-1972 through an act of legislature along with other sister institutions under the control of the then Director of Technical Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, it was affiliated to Andhra University. In the year 2003, the college has become autonomous(independent to design its curriculum,syllabus and activities and not based on the rules and regulations designed by the university). The college has made rapid strides since its formation and is playing a pivotal role in the technological advances of the region.

This is not just an engineering school but a student school which gives you the opportunity to do groundbreaking, fundamental research.


Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Students having interest in Entrepreneurship don't have a specialized Entrepreneurship program but have some courses reflecting Entrepreneurship in their academics.
  • Students having interest in Innovation and Research have an opportunity to present their ideas at Research and Innovation Center and take the feedback suggestions . Thereby continuing the guidance for startup.
  • Group Discussions on Innovation are held regularly to get aware of the present trending technologies and promote awareness on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As a part of this students have an opportunity to  meet the young Inventors.
  • Interested students can be a part of the Student Amenities Center Club , it is a platform to develop personality development and explore your inherent skills.
  • MAKERSPACE is going to  be implemented in our university for promoting innovative ideas of students and for the collobaration of students in various departments.UIF's of JNTUK are working on it and it will be implemented shortly.  

Faculty Innovation And Entrepreneurship:

                Our University faculty have rich ideas in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and they provide a very good support for the interested students. Faculty promote knowledge and technology driven start-ups by harnessing young minds and their innovation potential in an academic environment. They pass their skills and enlighten our students with their insights. Most of the faculty are PhD's from reputed institutions around the world. They have a global insight and some of them are associated with the industry. So they promote innovation in the students by real-time projects from the industry directly.

     Recently a two day workshop namely Faculty Development Programme is conducted to improve the standards of the faculty members.

              Additionally our University is trying to promote us more on Entrepreneurship by trying to implement the concept of Engineers in Residence(EIR) so as to guide to overcome the problems.

University Technology Transfer Function:

              Tech Transfer Office is  not yet started but going to be started soon.

 University-Industry Collaboration:

        Universities are seen to be one of the key actors in Innovation. Industries use colleges and universities as partners in collaborative research projects and as sites for recruiting trained and skilled problem solvers. 

Following MOU's signed:

  1. TCS
  3. LNT
  4. Sterlite
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. CapGemini
  7. Aurobindo
  8. FTD
  9. Urmi
  10. Aviso...etc

The university collaborates with the industry to provide internships such MoU's include TCS and Honeywell internship program for CSE and ECE students, Cyient internship program for Avionics students, Internship program in High Performance computing, Big data analytics by C-DAC, Pune.         TCS also provides mentorship for interested students outside the class hours.

Engaging with regional & local economic development efforts:

         NSS(National Service Scheme) and NCC(National Cadet Corps) are part of our extracurricular activities in our University. It plays a major role in developing the regional and rural areas. Its main motto is to help the society and educate the society. As a part of it many camps are held to create awareness on many aspects like education among people. Also, cleaning campaigns, rallies to create awareness regarding health and social issues, guidance on health issues are conducted as a part of the major activities of these service programs. Students who are a part of NSS visit rural areas, interact with the people, find problems and try to solve those problems through technology.

        All these activities reflect the student thoughts on social development along with their personal development.

Additional Resources

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JNTU College of Engineering Student Priorities

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