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Fall 2016

Pitch video


·        Provide a platform for the students to express their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas

o   Students participate in workshops and other interactive events to express their ideas.

o   They meet the directors, administrators, and entrepreneurs know whatthey need do to make the idea a good project to work on and to know the market needs.

o   Good and fetching ideas will be appreciated and encouraged to work on.

·         Mentorship programs young entrepreneurs

o   The students learn from the life stories of entrepreneurs and are encouraged towards entrepreneurship.            

      Mentorship from IT by Tata Consultancy Services.

·         Introduce an Audit course on Entrepreneurship for undergraduate students

o   Interested students can take an audit course in the third or final year of their graduation. 

o   It should include elements of design thinking, lean startup, negotiation with partners, risk analysis etc. 

  • Introducing crash courses on emerging technologies 

To promote innovative projects in those areas.

Exhibit those projects to inspire their peers and juniors.


·        Interdisciplinary projects must be taken up

o   Projects on subjects like robotics, hardware, machine building are done through active collaboration between students of various streams of engineering.

o   Such projects must be encouraged in third as well as the final year of graduation.

·        Extra-curricular clubs

o   The activities of co-curricular and extracurricular clubs must be extended to include the students from all departments.

o   Any project which is done as a college event in a club should be done with the active participation of students from alldepartments.

o   All the clubs should ensure that each student is a part of some club or the other

·        Regular group discussions and other events must take place

o   Through group discussions and such events, students from various backgrounds and streams interact and collectively solve common problems.



·        Internships for the students

o   The college administration should collaborate with the industries.

o   The industry should conduct some screening tests and other things and provide internships to the students so that the students can get used to the working environment.

·        Courses which are related to trending technologies must be taken up by the industry professionals

o   Industry professionals should teach the students the courses related to the technologies and tools which they are using.

o   For thispurposeE-learning platforms should be developed and made more familiar.

·         Provide hands-on experience to students

o   By collaborating with the administration the industry should give students some live projects and assignments.

o   A program called MSIT (Master of Sciences in Information Technology) has been introduced in the college which is a program completely based on hands-on experience. We have asked the administration to introduce such programs under graduation also.


·        Taking up government or industrial projects to solve the problems of the society

o   Students must be encouraged to look around and identify problems.

o   The probable solution to the problem is to be discussed in the Innovationcentreprogrammes.

o   They should collaborate with the government and industry to get sufficient financial and mentorship aid from them.

·         Forming a society for I&E

o   There should be the autonomous society formed by industry, professionals, government officials, alumni and students leader in the incubation center.

o   The society should not be controlled by the university.

o   They should have regular meetings and should discuss the projects they are working on, the problems which are faced by the people.

·        Entrepreneurship cell

o   JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada has an entrepreneurship cell which conducts many events related to entrepreneurship.

o   Its activities must be extended to promote culture of I&E in the school.

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Spring 2017

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APPROACH#1: Proper awareness for using the available resources by students

Bring out an all time available database system updating all available sources in the University

o  A database system app is always handy to students in such technological University.

 They will be able to access it anywhere in the campus about the required and available resources in the college at any time.

o  A WiFi Campus enhances such apps developed.


·         Students should extend their boundaries

o   Fear should be overcome and they have to be able to face any situation.

o   Communication skills should be improved which is possible through practice.

o   Activeness should be developed which in turn will bring out their innovation ideas and skills.

·         Provide complete knowledge about the campus to the students

o   24 hours wifi facility must be provided to have access to the campus website.

o   Students should also attend various seminars and workshops to more about the campus. 

o   There should be a campus magazine.?

·        Timings for student-administration discussions should be utilized  

o   When students and administration work together fruitful results can be obtained and I&E ideas can take a shape.


.     Bringing in the world class infrastructure that is highly sophisticated to the university

o By this, there is a greater possibility of students making use of the infrastructure.

o  Innovative things and conceive ideas that could make most out of these parks.

.     Developing technologies in lab spaces by the help of students using most infrastructural facilities  

o The technologies developed showcases the brilliance of students to attract new business and companies that would like to take the students of the university as they will be well skilled.

o To attract the global investments.

.      Making use of the latest technologies to find the most desirable solution to the modern day problems using these labs

o This will improve the confidence level of the students and be an encouraging factor to the management and companies that seek talented students and even improves the efficiency of the professors while doing things.

o Display place should be created for all the projects developed by students.


  Wi-Fi Facility

o To provide Wi-Fi for all departments.

o  Wi-Fi to be available at any point of time and anywhere in the campus.

.   To Provide continuous Power supply. 

o To make use of solar energy. 

o Minimum Wi-Fi spots to have all time access to the help of solar energy when there are power drops.

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FALL 2017

Strategy#1:Providing awareness on emerging technologies

Introducing crash courses on emerging technologies 

                 0.​To promote innovative projects in those areas and exhibit those projects to inspire.
                 0.By learning these courses students can implement real time projects related to the courses.

Assigning tasks to students

                0.Each student has to be assigned a task to search for an new technology.

                0.The abstract of it can be shared with his/her peers in the classroom.

Displaying printed copies

                0.By pasting small sheets related to new technologies in notice boards on the occation of any national level symposiums or workshops. 

Strategy#2:Application oriented education along with the curriculum

Providing real time projects to the students

               0.Students can make their soles and minds to get involved into the contemporary world technology.

               0.It helps the students to cope up with the industrial environment.

Conducting some science project exhibitions

               0.Students from different mentalities,with different mindsets while exhibiting their ideas can set the viewers to the next level of thinking.

               0.As expressing increases the knowledge, the presenters will also be benifited.

Conducting dream intentions and sketch competitions

               0.Students who are creative,who dreamt of several machines to get manufactured by their hands will surely sketch model of their dream project.

               0.This kind of competitions attract the people who are good at art.

               0.It also attract who are introverts but have exreme depth of imagination so that it would hike their exposure and support a steep forward.

Strategy#3:Improving risk management capabilities and problem solving skills

Demonstrating the student about a risky situation and ask for a solution.

               0.Asking them how will they make their life out of that problem.

               0.Makes weekminded people to get awreness when they compare their solutions with the better solutions given by strongminded ones.

               0.Periodical analysis of every student's progress by the psychologist will help students to make them face any kind of situations in their life.

Exposing requirements of corporate world to the students

                0.The human resource people will expose requirements to students and make their softskills get improved.

 Proper guidance to the students

                0.Some unknowingly done mistakes and their habits can be rectified.

                0.Optimum traits can also be cultivated.  

Strategy#4:Information access to the students

Implementing college radio

                 0.It helps to impart both the education and fun.

                 0.It also acts as the platform for improving the softskills of students and express their ideas.

                 0.The information about the various events organised by the university can also be announced.

Running  a college magazine

                 0.The acheivements of  various university members and alumni are published in it.

                 0.It contains the dates of important events held by the university .

                 0.It is useful to make every one aware of each and every event held in any corner of the college.

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JNTU College of Engineering Student Priorities

Fall 2016

Landscape canvas google presentation:

Landscape canvas google spreadsheet:

Pitch video:

Spring 2017

Landscape Canvas spreadsheet

JNTU College of Engineering Student Priorities

Pitch Video

Fall 2017

Landscape Canvas spreadsheet

Landscape Canvas presentation<wbr>tation/d/1JBfThEP8Ie5f8LCiOnjJ<wbr>PsjRxvFho3M3zkBh1lxS4Q0/edit#<wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr>

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Spring 2017





Fall 2017