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Campus Overview

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

As there is only a limited number of support systems in place for innovation and entrepreneurship at Hartwick College, student I&E on campus is in a relatively early stage. However, there has been a recent push within the college to create opportunities for students to engage in I&E. Hartwick College’s curriculum calls for students to take multiple courses that contain some sort of experiential learning component. For example, POSC 310 (Parties and Elections) requires students to get involved in the election cycle, either through volunteering for a campaign, registering voters, attending debates, etc. These courses that encourage students to gain real-world experience have the ability to help foster I&E on campus. Moreover, Hartwick has just recently opened the Center for Craft Food and Beverages, in collaboration with local businesses. The Center supports research collaborations involving students, faculty, and master brewers focused on the biochemistry of brewing. A final example of student innovation and entrepreneurship at Hartwick is the Baker-Simpson Program, which allows rising seniors to work for start-up companies over the summer. These opportunities for experiential learning at Hartwick College will be the starting point for promoting greater student I&E on campus. As the existing infrastructure is built upon, the consequential growth of an I&E culture will follow. Central to the growth of I&E on campus will most definitely be the introduction of a makerspace.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

Although many professors at Hartwick have published research, we did not identify it as a high priority by the college. Within the physical/life sciences, faculty may it hard to conduct research due to the lack of technology available in the laboratories. However, because Hartwick does not offer graduate programs, students are able to conduct research with their professors that is often only available to graduate students. Unfortunately, much of the research done by professors has little to do with I&E.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function


Facilitating university-industry collaboration

As previously stated, the new Center for Craft Food and Beverage has opened up the institution and its students and faculty for local businesses to take advantage of. Local businesses look to Hartwick students to conduct research necessary for businesses to make informed decisions about their products. Hartwick’s small size and lack of graduate programs does not provide the high level technical facilities that typically support I&E at larger institutions. Because of this, it is extremely helpful that Hartwick has partnered with graduate programs at other institutions that may supply these resources. Hartwick has a pre-engineering program affiliated with both Clarkson University and Columbia University, as well as a 3+3 program with Albany Law.

Engaging with local and regional economic development efforts

Hartwick College has a large impact on the surrounding community, even in spite of its small population. Hartwick students are connected with members of the local community through volunteer work, internships, research, and employment. The Hartwick PSGE Center links students up with numerous opportunities ranging anywhere from an internship downtown to a grant for research halfway across the world. Although Hartwick College does not have an economic development office, it has The Community Involvement and Volunteerism office (CIV), which helps students find opportunities to get involved and give back to the community.

Written by: Jacqueline Davis, Kelly Sprague, Christine Hughes, Stephanie Sacc

Updated by: Farheen Fatima, Robert Shepard, Allison Schroeder, Diana Bechdol

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