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Edward Waters University Admin Building

Edward Waters University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a historically black university founded by the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1866.It is an independent institution of higher learning that serves as a national model for a dynamic, globally diverse learning center community that champions academic excellence through innovative teaching and learning strategies undergirded by a spirit of servant leadership. The core values of Edward Waters University sustain the principles of academic excellence, scholarship, research, and community service by exemplifying integrity and accountability in our scholarly and human service pursuits. Edward Waters University offers bachelor's degrees in the following academic programs: Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Psychology, and Criminal Justice; Bachelor of Science in Biology, Forensic Science; and Bachelor of Business Administration. Also, this university offers graduate degrees in Business Administration and Education Policy and Advocacy.


Edward Waters University is a Christian, Historically Black, urban liberal arts institution that offers quality academic programs. The University strives to prepare students holistically to advance in a global society through the provision of intellectually stimulating programs, and an environment that emphasizes high moral and spiritual values in keeping with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Edward Waters University seeks to develop excellence in scholarship, research, and service for the betterment of humanity.

Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Edward Waters University is committed to championing innovation and entrepreneurship among students from diverse backgrounds. One of the main priorities of this institution is to produce business moguls that will imbibe critical thinking and creativity to make difference in society. To achieve this aim, the university currently offers a degree in business administration with a concentration in Accounting, Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Sports Management, and International Finance and Global Trade. The vision of this department is to instill academic excellence, ethics, creativity, commitment, collaboration, flexibility, self-esteem, and positive reaction to changes and challenges.

The university has specific divisions that handle and promote innovation and entrepreneurship across our HBCU campus. The office of Career Services has been designated by the institution to champion this objective. Through well-defined principles and strategic implementation, the office of Career Services has been able to support academic programs by providing services that assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and implementing career plans that lead to employment and lifelong personal development. The Office of Career Services offers a variety of services ranging from career exploration to internships, graduate school assistance, and employment. The services and programs are tailored to meet the needs of all students as well as to advance their knowledge base. Students are encouraged to register in person at the Career Center or online to make use of career services. Collaboratively, assistance is given to each student based on an assessment of interests, skills, and abilities. Further, students can take advantage of all rendered services, which can be used as a springboard for development and enhancement purposes.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Edward Waters University always gives training for its faculty members on a regular basis to keep them updated with the curriculum and goals of the university. Also, the university incorporates an online survey taken by students at the end of the semester for each course they might have participated in. Through this means, the university is able to gather all suggestions from students to create a faculty that is centered on the growth and development of students.

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

Edward Waters University has resources designated for students to incorporate and enhance their innovative abilities. The institution has a historic library housed in the centennial building. There are approximately 13,350 volumes and provides access to over 259,000 electronic books (e-Books). The mission of the Library is to facilitate academic learning and research, support the college curriculum, enhance classroom instruction and the critical thinking process, and the teaching of information literacy.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Edward Waters University houses the only pollen-counting station in Northeast Florida accredited by the National Allergy Bureau of the American Association of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. As a university devoted to research, there are biology and chemistry lab where students acquire hands-on laboratory experiences.

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts:

Edward Waters University is in partnership with Propel Center, a new global campus headquartered in Atlanta that will support innovative learning and development for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) nationwide. Edward Waters University collaborates with Propel Center and the entire HBCU community to bring leadership and career development programming to its students.