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Strategy: Creation of an Innovation Center and International Student Club(Obiajuru Triumph Nwadiokwu)

After carrying out diligent research, I was able to decipher that the creation of an I&E center at my school would be a way of encouraging students to participate in entrepreneurship and innovative activities. The goal of the I&E center is to:

  • Enhance critical and analytical skills of students.
  • Transform the minds of students to think creatively and bring out their entrepreneurship ideas
  • Connect students to opportunities that support I&E and scholarship programs.

To achieve this goal:

  • I would discuss it with my faculty champion and other faculty members
  • Pitch this idea during homecoming to garner the support of the alumni network.

International students are also included in this opportunity. Some international students are not aware that there are opportunities that they can partake in regardless of citizenship. Through the creation of an international student club in collaboration with the I&E center, they will be aware of these opportunities and utilize them. The priority of these organizations is to bring unique talents to the workforce and ensure that diversity and inclusion are attained.