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The City College of the City University of New York is a public senior college of the City University of New York in New York City.


Currently, the community at the City College of New York (students, faculty and alumni) have minimum exposure when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. This is for many reasons, and largely is due to lack of faculty and student initiative to improve these conditions. As we progressed through UIF training, we made it our goal to engage the students' body, learn from our peers, and find ways to inspire, motivate, and create initiatives to foster that community of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Zahn Innovation Center:

  • The Zahn Center is CCNY’s first and only startup accelerator and incubator. It aims to support CCNY’s most dedicated student innovators by allowing them to experience a traditional accelerator program; with the mentorship, funding, and office space - while maintaining status as a student.


  • Independently organized TEDx talks throughout the City University system of NYC bring powerful and credible stories directly to students. Throughout the CUNY system, student organizations have organized TEDx Salons, which are lower lift talks with high level impact.

The Campus:

  • The Campus magazine showcases accomplished students initiatives and significant changes in CCNY’s I&E atmosphere. The publication allows those who feel like their dreams may not become a reality to view actual examples of students who made things happen.

Conversations in Leadership

  • The Colin Powell School for Global Leadership brings accomplished businessmen, entrepreneurs, and inventors to our small campus. These leaders inspire the student body to reach out towards the existing resources on campus that many take for granted.

City College Fund

  • The City College Fund remains transparent with students and leaves its doors open. The fund gladly welcomes students initiatives with open doors and wallets. The fund has been known for working with administration in identifying which student led projects deserve funding and supports them with connections as well.

Undergraduate academic programs in entrepreneurship:

  • ECO C0026 Managing Business Complexity
  • Entrepreneurship: Women & Diversity
  • ECO - 41250 Entrepreneurship Course
  • ECO 42000 - Internship


  • Zahn Center Venture Competitions
  • Zahn Center Incubator/Accelerator


CUNY CAT - The CUNY Center for Advanced Technology promotes industry-university collaborative research and development and spurs industrial economic impact through applied research, technology transfer in commercial arenas and encouragement of faculty entrepreneurship. The CUNY CAT is sponsored by the New York State Department of Economic Development, Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation (NYSTAR) and The City University of New York.

Venture Accelerator

The Zahn Innovation Center, located in the Marshak Science building and Grove Engineering school helps students build their businesses from idea to MVP.




GPS Navigators

Career & Professional Dev. Institute


  • Career & Professional Development Institute (Career Fairs - once a semester for business and engineers)
  • The City College Fund
  • The Zahn Innovation Center
  • The Roosevelt Institute


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