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City College of New York Student Priorities

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The City College of New York

The founding institution of the City University of New York, City College offers outstanding teaching, learning and research on a beautiful campus in the heart of the world's most dynamic city. City College, founded in 1847 as the Free Academy, is a public institution however it no longer provides free academic education. Currently our classrooms are equipped with the technology for a truly interactive learning environment.Our libraries hold 1.5 million volumes and provide online access to the resources of the entire university.Our laboratories are engines of innovation, where students and faculty push the boundaries of knowledge.

Outstanding programs in architecture, engineering, education and the liberal arts and sciences prepare our students for the future, and produce outstanding leaders in every field.Whether they are drawn to the traditional, like philosophy or sociology, or emerging fields like sonic arts or biomedical engineering, our baccalaureate graduates go on to graduate programs at Stanford, Columbia or MIT – or they stay right here in one of our 50 master's programs or our doctoral programs in engineering, the laboratory sciences, and psychology.

The campus is alive with student activity.City College fields 16 varsity teams that compete in NCAA Division III – and students work out in an equipment rich fitness center and socialize in more than 100 student clubs. And our students come from around the corner and world, representing more than 150 nationalities.

Speaker series who will come to the campus and talk to students about entrepreneurial mindset. They would also provide inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and help build an entrepreneurial community.

PITCH VIDEO: Fall 2017

1st Initiative- Introducing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tactic 1: Introducing On-Demand Skills

  1. Introduce on-demand skills through workshops. Skills such a coding, creative thinking, digital marketing and many more
  2. Partner up with different companies to hold workshops in new innovative technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and more

Tactic 2: Bring in guest speakers

Tactic 3: Students led trip to different innovative organizations

  1. Take students to different organizations and makerspace around NYC
  2. Introduce students to more creative and entrepreneurial environment  

2nd Initiative- Implementing Design Thinking

Tactic 1:

  1. Bring companies to students and students to companies
  • Company tours
  • Company talks

Tactic 2:

Teach students skills they will need in the real world

Tactic 3:

Set up demos, workshops, and pop ups on campus

3rd Initiative- Inspiring the Student Body

Tactic 1:

Entrepreneurship is task that does not have a true formula or procedure that reaps positive returns.  However, through local business mentorship students in the City College campus would be be able to interact and meet the local business owners thriving among their community.  This mentorship process allows for well-established business to meet creative and eager-to-work students in a welcoming yet professional setting, The City College campus.

  1. Identify 5 to 10 local business owners willing to mentor several students
  2. Develop progress charts and projects connecting both mentor and mentee in the development.
  3. Pivot mentorship as needed to improve goals
  4. Students present to mentors their work, timeline and goals to identify areas to strengthen mentorship relationship
  5. Mentees demonstrate leadership accumen and in-return are assigned to potential new mentees or more rigorous projects.

Tactic 2: Branding yourself

While mentors and mentees develop a mentorship bond amongst each other, students simultaneously begin to develop a professional presence in two platforms, everyday and online.

Everyday Presence:

Mentees are now beginning to understand the impact their mentors have on them and also begin to understand that they represent a new citizen.  The trustworthy and humble citizen who caters to others in a respectful and impactful approach via business and philanthropy.

  • Mentees begin to support community efforts leading towards restoring a business or helping put together a local community development event.
  • Mentees consider dressing in appropriate professional outfits more often that previous to mentorship, hence their profile among themselves and their peers is respected

Online Presence: 

  • Mentees understand the importance of developing an online presence and begin to establish their art, creativity, work and anything that identifies them online through their personal website, Instagram, Facebook Fan Page etc.
  • Mentees begin to create and collaborate on articles catering to their industry or a fellow peer.  This opportunity allows them to impact their local community but more importantly it taps into online communities where they can also further develop themselves.

4th Initiative- Bringing Students Together

Tactic 1:

Development relationship with established business within the Tri-State area and develop company tours filled with students studying in that industry.

Tactic 2:

Bring The City College campus culture together along with local businesses in a day filled with showcasing students projects and business partnership with the student-led projects

Tactic 3:

In order to improve the culture and atmosphere among students and local business, we would partner with local food businesses and taco trucks to line up at our campus to provide us authentic treats. This would enhance business near our campus and spice up the current and future events