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Case Western Reserve University (also known as CWRU or Case), is a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The campus is located 20 minutes west of donwtown Cleveland, in historic University Circle. As of today, CWRU is ranked 37th among nationla universities according to the US News & World Report. CWRU entrollment stands at 4,900 undergrad and 5,800 graduate students.  

CWRU is a member of the Maker School Alliance.

Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Case Western Reserve Univeristy promotes innovation and entreprenuership to students in a number of ways:

CWRU offers a degree in Entrepernuership through the Weatehrhead School of Buisness as well as minors in Entrepernuership and Innovation. 

CWRU now has the newly built Think[Box] Innovation Center; where students of all degrees and experience leves are encouraged to come and create something. However, the building is on the edge of campus and only a small percentage of students have yet to take advantage of the facility. 

Students are also exposed I&E through several events and competitions that are hosted on campus. The most notable include CWRU Engineering Week, 

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Etreprenurship

Being first a graduate school and research university, CWRU very much encourages their faculty and graduate students to conduct research. Last year alone, more than 1,600 research projects were funded through CWRU and the school currently ranks amongst the top 20 research institutions. The majority of professors lead research laboratories and have many students working for them, graduate but also undergraduate. And research at CWRU covers all possible spectrums, from humanities, to social sciences, to all areas of STEM. However, entrepernuership programs specifically or faculty are difficult to find.

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

The main resource for support are CWRU LaunchNet and the CWRU Technology Transfer Office in the law school. They provide support for students and faculty and offer a full spectrum of services to assist and lead the succesful commercialization of innovations created at CWRU.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Being located in North-Eastern Ohio, CWRU is centered in one of the best areas for University-Indutry collaboration. 

CWRU has a strong co-op and internship program that promotes and helps pair students with local companies. Many students and companies then bring projects to CWRU for further development. 

CWRU also has a vast network of engaged alumnii who actevily work to increase opportunities at CWRU and bridge the gap between university and industry.

Engagin With Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

There are many local resources to promote development efforts: GLIDE (Great Lakes Innovaiton and Development Enterprise), BioEnterprise. Ohio Third Frontier, LaunchHouse, and Jumpstart are such programs. 

Think[Box] is also open to the public, and commnunity members and local schools are encourged to come in and take advantage of it. 

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Campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Websites

Case Western Reserve University Website

ThinkBox Website

Technology Transfer Office

LaunchNet Website

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