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Case Western Reserve University (also known as CWRU or Case), is a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The campus is located 20 minutes west of donwtown Cleveland, in historic University Circle. As of today, CWRU is ranked 37th among nationla universities according to the US News & World Report. CWRU entrollment stands at 4,900 undergrad and 5,800 graduate students.  

CWRU is a member of the Maker School Alliance.

Strategy #1: Increase awareness of I&E through the SAGES program

SAGES courses are seminar style classes that all CWRU students are requiered to complete, one during their first year at Case and two additional seminars before they graduate. These classes are intended to help students become better writers by offering a wide variety of seminar topics to choose from. Furthermore, since all students are requiered to take them regardless of major, it is one of the few ways students of different majors get to interact in the classroom. 

Our goal is to work with the SAGES Department and the faculty teaching the seminars to incorporate more I&E elements into some of the existing seminars and to offer seminars focusing soley on I&E. The plan is to create workshops that get students to think creatively, work in teams, solve issues, and/or create things, that select SAGES seminars could incorporate into their curriculum. Workshops requiering physical builds would be held in Think[box], CWRU's brand new innovation center, which would supply all of the requiered materials, tools, and workspace. Not only would this expose students to I&E, but also promote collaboration across majors and highghlight the new Think[box].

There are already a number os seminars focusing on science topics. Our target will most likely be focus on those first as a test-bed for this idea. Some workshop ideas include: popsicle stick buildings, spring powered machines, paper creatinos, simple robots, 3D printed parts, and more.

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