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CMRIT campus

Established in 2000, CMR Institute of Technology aims to impart quality, pragmatic education in engineering and management to help students hone their analytical abilities and develop their creative thinking skills. CMRIT strives to meet the rapidly growing need for technology professionals by nurturing young minds in an innovative and progressive learning environment. Situated in the very heart of South India’s IT corridor, the CMRIT campus in Whitefield, Bangalore is centrally located, well connected and easily accessible.

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Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

Students at CMR Institute of Technology are imparted with the basics of engineering from year one. This is done through courses like Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Computer Aided Engineering Drawing etc. which are all aimed at building the fundamentals. Moving to other years of the course there are specified courses to help students understand the importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and to give them further insights about the two. ‘Management and Entrepreneurship’ is one such course which is available at the undergraduate courses. More specific and targeted courses such as ‘Risk Management’,’Strategic Management’ and ‘Entrepreneurial development’ are offered to the students of the MBA programme.

Moving away from the classroom based courses, the college offers all students various opportunities to access resources such as training sessions, workshops and seminars which maybe either technical or non-technical. The technical aspects include IEEE workshops and training, Makerspace training and workshops, grant writing training and other such events. Non-technical trainings like ‘Soft skills’ training are at the offering. The college also has numerous clubs, each conducting various events and programmes ( ‘Literary Club’, ‘Art club’, ‘Dance Club’, ‘SAE’ etc.) Other events like Barcamp and Founder's day also act as motivating factors to the students.

Projects for fun’, ‘Dismantling electronic devices’ and similar events are held occasionally to provide a fun filled approach to understand the intricate technologies, problem solving and even to develop specified skills.

Students of CMR Institute of Technology regularly participate in numerous external competitions with much enthusiasm and in recent times have reaped commendable successes. These include Science and Engineering competitions targeted at I&E as well as ‘FKCCI Manthan’ which is a business plan competition.

For those who take a step forward and take up projects and finding solutions to problems earnestly pop up meets are held occasionally to have a healthy discussion with other project teams as well as faculty mentors. The project teams have complete access to the laboratories and Makerspace to experiment and build prototypes and even test them. The college also collaborates with industry majors like Infosys and IBM and offers resources like the IBM Centre of Excellence and Infosys Campus Connect. The college has also set up an Incubation centre on campus which is up and running. All these resources exposes students to Innovation and Entrepreneurship and aim to get students involved in the same.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

The faculty at CMRIT are very passionately involved in research mainly in their fields of study. The many technical papers presented and published are a testimony to the same.

The faculty use their expertise and experience to help students with their research and projects. Quite a few of them put in the extra effort to encourage students to take up innovative projects. They help with all stages from the initial planning to developing the prototype and presenting it at many external platforms.  The students are also encouraged to discuss freely with the faculty their ideas/solutions and avail their mentorship. Certain faculty also initiate the change at the grass root level by introducing unconventional ways to present assignments.

Some notable names are-

Dr. Phani Kumar Pullela

Dr. H. N. Shankar

Dr. Sagar Baligidad

The feasible ideas and products that come up are taken through the Incubation centre to present it to the market.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function

The college has a standard MoU for tech transfer with industries. In recent years many such  MoU’s have been signed, notably with Hitachi, Sherpify and IBM.

The college also provides training in grant writing and even provides legal assistance.

Facilitating university-industry collaboration

The college is currently collaborating with industry giants such as Infosys and IBM. Apart from this we have access to knowledge parks such as the IKP knowledge park and the VTU CIL.

Being located in the IT corridor is also advantageous.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

A handful of projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city are being worked on by teams in the college. The biggest projects include a solution to purify the many contaminated lakes in the city, which is being tested by local authorities, and an improvement to the operation of current traffic signals. These have been lauded by local authorities for serving the need of the hour, and have engineered a low-cost 3D printer.

A team is also working towards developing a mobile platform for scholarships, crowd funding for farmers.

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